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A typical polygraph
exam in Santa Rosa
is for cheating
in a relationship

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You can save time during your Santa
Rosa lie detector
testing if
you put
thought into your
exam questions
before the test day

Petaluma polygraph examination

Federal guidelines
require that no more
than 4 questions about the matter be
used in the testing.
Any more than that
violates Federal polygraph training
and guarantees that
the person being
tested will pass even
if they are lying.
So carefully write the
one to four questions
you want asked. All computer scoring programs used by the four polygraph manufacturers will not score a test that used more than four questions of importance. There are some amateurs that will violate Federal procedure-- this kills the result's acc

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During a Santa Rosa
lie detector exam,
tiny changes to the
body will be documented.

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We have more than thirty years of polygraph experience, Be wary of 'pretend examiners' who ruin
people's lives.

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